An Italian semifinal, a night to remember

Italy qualified for the finals of the Euro 2020 last night beating Spain in penalties, after an extra 30 minutes. In the city where I currently live in, the celebration of the victory afterwards was insane. Young people went into the center of the town lined up on the sides of the street. Then every time a car or a moto/vespa passed by, they stopped it, encircled it and cheered by drumming the body of the car and singing. Naturally some of the songs were insulting the Spanish team and the Spanish but in the typical Italian style France was also the subject of the insult (I have come to realize that there is a huge antagonism for France and French people from Italians, for reasons I am yet to come aware of). The post match celebration is something I will cherish forever and probably one of the most fun nights I had in Italy.

Next Sunday, Italy will play against the winners of England and Denmark.

Viva Italia

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